VoIP or Voice over IP is the future of telecommunications, a world where voice and data will meet in the Cloud for Unified Communications.

Switch from traditional telephone lines to SIP trunks or Hosted PBX services, and you can enjoy number flexibility, business continuity and scalability, combined with cost savings of up to 70% compared with ISDN30e.

If you are moving premises, looking to reduce costs or are worried about disaster recovery, you need to speak to us about SIP and Business VoIP.

Over 80% of ISDN lines will have moved to SIP by 2019, and with BT Group aiming to move all ISDN customers to IP by 2025, it’s time for you to plan your move.

VOIP/SIP – The key benefits

High-call quality, delivered over high-speed Voice Approved circuits Save more than 50% on rental and set up costs compared to ISDN30e.

Add new phone numbers from any UK dialling code – regardless of your physical location Integrate home workers as standard.

Keep your existing phone number when you move So if you are looking to make that move, call us NOW and start saving.


Log a call with us and we’ll look into it.