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Unified Computing, the coming together of data and communications via the Internet represents a tremendous opportunity for organisations to reduce costs, maximise efficiency and improve their operational capability.


CalSync embraces the trend of “bring your own device” and allows students to take full advantage of their own mobile, smartphone or tablet. Students can access their calendars whilst on the move with a comprehensive view of the day’s activities and location, whenever and wherever. No excuses for not knowing where they need to be!

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AD-Link was specifically designed to a standard output from the NHS ESR (Electronic Staff Record ) System and automatically update Active Directory.

S2Unified has designed a powerful data engine that can accept feeds from any external system and use this data to create or update records in AD.

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As an organisation gets larger, the technology involved in making sure all the users get the resources they require becomes more and more complicated and there is the possibility that even a small problem with the infrastructure can have a massive detriment to the operation of some or all of the systems.

S2 Unified can offer a wide range of consultancy exercises to help an organisation understand what they have, investigate whether they are adhering to best practices, or identify the most cost effective way forward.

S2 Unified has access to a wide base of technical expertise, so no matter what hardware you utilise, we can provide the right consultant with the right skills to help you achieve the required outcome.


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